14 thoughts on “Montevideo – Street Art (Part 2)

  1. Just what I need now, some colour, fun and life. ❤ Some terrible images coming in from all the devastation around me. 😦 A tornado hit and thrashed a house 20 minutes away and damaged thousands of pine trees by the Orbetello lagoon. The see and Lago di Burano are flooded and only the railway separates the water from us. Bad bad bad!


    1. Noooo 😱 I did not know it! I am very sorry to hear that. I knew that there gave been damages all over the country but I didn’t know anything about your place! How are you? Bestia must have been scared with all those thunders and lightenings😨

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      1. And a nice surprise for all of us too. (Bogotá has good street art too, but in a “bad” part of town. Went there a coupla years back, on Easter Sunday, early, with my niece and her boyfriend. A street art Safari!


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