Pristina – Street Art (Part 2)

I have found some very interesting artists here.

Something in their style suggests that they might be locals or at least I like to think they are!

16 thoughts on “Pristina – Street Art (Part 2)

      1. Yes, it is true but I have been astonished when I have discovered all the similarities with Spanish. And do you not what drives me crazy? Portugueses can easily understand us but Italian and Spanish speakers have often lots of difficulties understanding Portuguese😅😤

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      2. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. My wife is from Colombia and she can’t understand a word of Portuguese. Brazilians understand Spanish easily too. I don’t know why it’s a one-way street. 😉


      3. I have no idea but it so frustrating! 😂 😤 There must be words that remind other words and consider that on top of that we speak very fast. I can catch a word in a while only if they speak very very slowly! It drives me crazy 🤪

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      4. Look at a written text and try to find the radical. Latin has helped me a lot in deciphering other languages. Porta, porte, puerta. Then look for modifications. Finestra, fenêtre. I is often changed into e or vice-versa. Diphtongs. They are a weakening of vowels. Porte, puerta. In Spanish, most o’s become ue. Most e’s become ie. Fare in Italian becomes faire in French. F becomes H in Spanish: Fare, Hacer. Etc. Look closely and you will find a few words here and there. Then more and more…


      5. I had very bad notes in Latin 😂 5 years wasted in a dead language that at the time I was not able to appreciate. Maybe nowadays, with a different approach, it would be different🤔

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      6. I think the way they taught us Latin was not the right one. Themes and versions were nothing short of nightmares. When it should have been used to teach us, a) the fascinating history behind the texts and b) how Latin was the mother, one way or the other of most modern western European languages. (Probably not Slavic)


      7. Haha! It happens. I had one lousy math teacher. A madman. Then I made my professional life using statistics and figures and curves, and math functions… (Market research)


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