Migration accomplished!

The very last post grom this blog, just to inform you that my new blog is finally live at www.flaviavinci.com

Join me there!

This one will disappear in a few days.

I am waiting for you,



14 thoughts on “Migration accomplished!

  1. I would like to learn about your website migration you can give a summary through my contact page. I am thinking about do something like that. Thank you.

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      1. I had plan to do the migration i wanted to go to the .org but i was seeking information. i had watched a few videos on youtube about it. lately i see where i cold change the site name on this wordpress i tried it and it remove the mauriceomalcolm.wordpress.com
        If you type mauriceomalcolm.com you will find me. Don’t click on the Home it will give you same thing you had seen. Go straight to Blog (click on Blog, Contact ect.)Thanks for responding


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