Nearby Viterbo, in the Region of Lazio lays this nice village called Vitorchiano.

I have not enough pictures to create a theme post so today you will have a miscellaneous one that hopefully will be enough to give you an idea of what it looks like.

We will start with some doors for Manja and the other doors lovers!

We will go ahead with some lamps.

And roofs.

And we will end up with some very interesting meetings!

I know what your thinking that this crow has a threatening way of staring at me but I have found it extremely cute and somehow welcoming! I am always looking up and it does not occur that often to meet someone else’s eyes! ☺️

I will close this post with a technical communication for all of you. I am struggling to move my blog to another platform. Nothing should formally change but the URL address (that I will give you once I am done).

I am doing a lots of experiments because I am not satisfied of the results, here and on the other platform.

Should you notice something strange, do not hesitate to contact me and should you be an expert your help will be highly appreciated!

You can write me by the contact form on this blog or by private message on facebook or instagram.

16 thoughts on “Vitorchiano

  1. Lovely places, and the two who welcomed you are also lovely, both the furry one and the feathered. Have a great day, Flavia! ❤ Bellissimo fine di settimana!


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