Vitorchiano – Windows

Roughly 100 km to the North of Rome you can find another very peculiar village, named Vitorchiano.

It has been the set for several movies and it is easy to understand why.

We have stopped there only a few hours but it is surely worth a longer visit.

Here there is a special focus on its windows!

19 thoughts on “Vitorchiano – Windows

      1. Permission for perhaps creating some inspired work. Tengo una idea de crear diversos “sketches” sobre ruinas y paredes de piedra antiguas. Si lo hago finalmente, ¿me das permiso para usar esa imagen como inspiración, por favor?


  1. I was so glad for this chance to visit Vitorchiano. Think about it – it wasn’t even on my list! 😉 I love how windows catch your eye, just as doors do in my case. I’ll have at least three Thursday Doors posts from here. 😀 (But not yet today, something else is in the works.)


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