Bagnaia – Villa Lante Fountains

Villa Lante will impress you for the variety of its fountains.

Unfortunately not all of them were working but it has been a feast for the eyes in any case.

This one was used ss a table as well.

These 2 statues are from the Giants Fountains.

Pegasus Fountain

Pegasus Fountain

Fountain of the 4 Moors

Fountain of the 4 Moors

17 thoughts on “Bagnaia – Villa Lante Fountains

    1. Thank you Shaily. I was not thinking at Gorgons but you might be right, some of the faces on the vases and other sculptures in the villa could be Gorgons as you said. Thank you for the hint! Poseidon, instead, was part of a very simmetrical fountain that was called “the 2 giants” but with no specific reference to any mithological character. You might be right in this case as well. You’ve got an eye for details, I am impressed ☺️

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