Ostia Port – Sparrows (Part 1)

I have always loved these tiny creatures.And I always wonder how they can survive during the winter.Their cousins pigeons and seagulls seem to be much more at ease during this season.I was having lunch with a friend of mine while they have started approaching.We were at the port of Ostia and we asked to sit outside despite the fact it was not properly a sunny day.For once in a while I have been happy to freeze outside!Mother Nature always knows how to make up!

15 thoughts on “Ostia Port – Sparrows (Part 1)

  1. Ahora es mi turno… Me encantan todas las fotos que haces. Algunas me inspiran dibujos (y llegará alguno)… Yo quiero ese gorrión de la primera imagen. Es genial!! 😀


  2. I love these charming little birds. I notice one is banded on its leg. Perhaps someone is following the movements of these birds. Thanks for eating outside and sharing these photos.


  3. Adorable captures! I noticed the banded leg in the first photo too. Can you possibly read the numbers/letters when enlarging your photo? If so, you could call the local sanctuary (they might further assist) or google search and report this little one’s sighting. 🙂


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