Punta del Este – Birds

I prefer seeing birds flying but I am not still that good taking pictures of them!

I am practicing!

So for the moment enjoy these few shots!

23 thoughts on “Punta del Este – Birds

  1. Beautiful, especially the individual with the tufted head and red beak and legs. I take a lot of bird photos, but I still have trouble capturing them in flight. It takes a lot of practice. Enjoy!


    1. Neither do I. There are so many species of birds in the world ans what is really amazing is that they change from country to country! I could recognize only the pigeons but I don’t have any clue for all the others 😳

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      1. I understand! With me being in a new area right now, I’m struggling with some of my bird shots, trying to ID. Some are so hard, and it becomes time consuming. I’d rather be out taking more photos! 😉


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