December in Los Angeles

I premise that I am not at all into any kind of religious and/or commercial feast.

But today Google reminded me that exactly 2 years ago I was in Los Angeles and somehow I have enjoyed the decorations.

So I will share them with you.

I include the plate down here because I assume it must have been a gift!

I have just read an article that stated that during Black Friday, Italians have placed roughly 37 orders per second on Amazon.

This is totally insane to me, I cannot even imagine what happened in bigger countries like the States!

Just like in this post, too much is too much!

11 thoughts on “December in Los Angeles

  1. And how many of those things ordered from Amazon do people actually NEED? The vast majority of consumerism is based on want, not need. Unfortunately most of it will be in the bin soon after Christmas, which is a horrendous waste of resources and terrible for the environment.


    1. The frenzy shopping is never healthy… by the way I would have loved to have more statistics to share with you, but I can easily imagine that a large percentage of this compulsive shopping was meant for mobiles. I have read more than an article on the Italian obsession for mobiles 😨


  2. I was in Los Angeles for Christmas many many years ago, the only time for me in the States. I don’t remember any decorations. 🙂 I was pretty much blown away by the ocean, the lights, Venice Beach, the trip along the coastal highway to San Francisco. I went to a shop in a mall searching for presents, and bought for a friend a cup that said Good coffee, good friends. I thought it was just a cup but later I saw that it endorsed the Friends series. 😀 Now you see how long time ago it was. I love your shot of the palm-lined road. It brought me back.


  3. Agree that the commercialism has gotten out of hand but I do enjoy the lights decorations at Christmas time. Loved your shots of the gingerbread house. 😊


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