Argentina 2019

Our magic trip Argentina 2019 has come to an end.

I am aware it has been pretty difficult and confusing to catch up with our stops and understand where we were.

Here you go our schedule:

Day 1. Buenos Aires

Day 2. Buenos Aires

Day 3. Montevideo (Uruguay)

Day 4. Punta del Este and Casa Pueblo (Uruguay)

Day 5. Buenos Aires

Day 6. Buenos Aires

Day 7. Ushuaia

Day 8. El Calafate

Day 9. Los Glaciares

Day 10. Perito Moreno

Day 11. El Calafate

Day 12. Luján

Day 13. Foz do Iguazú (Brasil)

Day 14. Iguazú

Day 15. Buenos Aires

Day 16. Salta

Day 17. Salta

Day 18. Salinas Grandes

Day 19. Humahuaca

Day 20. Buenos Aires

A total of 3 countries in 3 weeks with:

  • 9 flights
  • 2 ferries
  • 3 boat tours
  • 1 train
  • 2 tube rides
  • 2 cable cars
  • Uncountable taxies and mini vans

I was not alone an I had to schedule everything and slow my pace but the truth is that I had a lot of fun organizing everything and I could easily be a tour operator 😂💪

20 thoughts on “Argentina 2019

    1. Yes, all the area is a basin of salt and this was the largest. They have built a whole house with salt bricks there, of course nobody is living there. I will post some pictures of it in the next weeks ☺️

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