Buenos Aires – Faces (Part 1)

Look for Argentina in its people faces but also on those represented on its buildings.I don’t like taking pictures of people but when it comes to architectural details it is an all different matter ☺️Enjoy the tour of today!

26 thoughts on “Buenos Aires – Faces (Part 1)

  1. Lovely. Many similar faces can be found on Paris buildings. I hear Buenos Aires architecture in places can be very similar. (Spent 2-3 days in Buenos Aires locked up in meetings on a very tight schedule. Only could escape from the office for a 20 minute walk around. Sigh)


    1. Yes, I have found a lot of similarities between the two cities, not only for the faces on the buildings but the roofs as well, windows, lots of buildings and streets reminded me of Paris but Buenos Aires has a Latin soul. It is amazing indeed😍

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      1. Argentina was a very rich country. They imported architects from Paris and elsewhere. Unfortunately Perón came and they have never recovered…
        Buona sera Flavia


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