Iguazú Falls – Fauna

We are in Salta at the moment of writing, in a totally different scenario with regards to yesterday.

I cannot take off of my eyes all the beauties I have seen in Iguazú, it is utterly amazing and I swear I have never seen anything similar in my whole life!

This zone of the world has something like 650 species of butterflies and 530 species of birds.

In the park live also jaguars and pumas plus hundreds of other species that I have not met but it is easy to understand why UNESCO is considering this national park as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

I have just left but I cannot wait to come back there 😍

20 thoughts on “Iguazú Falls – Fauna

  1. Merci pour ces merveilleusement photos . Quelles couleurs extraordinaires
    Tu as réellement vu toutes ces bestioles ??? Tu étais dans la.jungle . On dirait le.parc phoenix en direct!
    Blague a.part tu as un réel talent pour la photographie
    Tu devrais vraiment penser a une reconversion
    On sent ton étonnement et ton admiration au travers des photos
    J adore jai hâte de voir les prochaines
    Un gros bisou


    1. Ma Muriellina, merci. Ton commentaire me fais penser que je devrais sérieusement changer de boulot ! Je n’ai jamais pensé que mes photos puissent transmettre autant de choses !


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