Ljubljana – Doors (Part 2)

And here you go some more doors for my friend Manja and her lovely city, Ljubljana.For today I will end with this amazing door and a close out of it.

23 thoughts on “Ljubljana – Doors (Part 2)

  1. Oh yes, you did go around! You have assembled some of the best doors of my city. The last cathedral ones are especially noteworthy, as is the one with holes.We called it the Submarine Door on my blog. 😀

    It’s amazing how many of these I have posted already in the last four years. I won’t link to all, just to the cathedral post which has been linked to from the official tourist site of Ljubljana and drawn several visitors from all over the world to my blog so thank them for that:



    1. Well, your post is much more complete. It is just amazing, once again, like the rest of the city 😍 I think that at this stage I could be sponsored too as I am spreading its beauty around 😂❤️

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    1. Yes, it is utterly amazing. If you click on the link of the first comment to this post you will see some more. Manja is from Ljubljana and she took some nice shots of that cathedral ☺️

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  2. Really remarkable doors. I liked that one with the many portholes (Submarine door is a nice name for it). And that superb Jugenstil balcony above an equally decorative door! Incredible.


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