Madrid – Ceramics


These ceramics stick on the walls of the city center and are a nice personalized touch for a city that is changing and try to keep up with the times. IMG_20180210_182908

I wish I would have take more pictures about them. IMG_20180210_140621IMG_20180210_135226IMG_20180210_135150IMG_20180210_135035IMG_20180210_134757IMG_20180210_133256IMG_20180210_122757IMG_20180210_122731IMG_20180210_122301IMG_20180210_121043IMG_20180210_115924IMG_20180210_115818IMG_20180210_115802IMG_20180210_111723IMG_20180210_102202

8 thoughts on “Madrid – Ceramics

  1. Thanks for sharing. I will be visiting Madrid next week for the first time and photography ideas are always very welcome. I had no idea that I could find these in Madrid!


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