Prague – Petrín Hill

My hotel is right in front one of the entrance of this wonderful park… it is a long way until the top of the hill but the landscape is worth every single step!

At night it is lightened like a mountain village, unfortunately my mobile does not make good pictures when there is not enough light but I can tell you it is very suggestive!

I have met only a very few people, at a certain point I have started wondered if it was safe to walk all alone.

Some one told me that Prague was assaulted by tourists, maybe it is the period but it is not!

It is actually very cold (a few degrees under zero) but I would definitely recommend it to people who don’t suffer the cold just like I do!

I had to buy extra collant and sweater here on the spot because it was a long tune that I was not visiting a cold place and maybe I hoped that somehow I wouldn’t have suffered like I used to do when I lived in Northern cities but no!

I will definitely come back for holiday in a warmer period because this city is wonderful and deserves more quality time!

14 thoughts on “Prague – Petrín Hill

  1. Great post, Flavia! It’s interesting to see this side of Prague, and in the off-season, without any people. It looks like a “real” place and not just a tourist attraction. I hope your new sweater keeps you warm. 🙂


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