London – Oxford Street by night

Last time I came to London it was on 2003… it’s been a long time and at the beginning I really did not know what to expect!

I used to live here, people used to say that you can only love this city or hate it from the bottom of your heart.

I have never hated it but eventually I couldn’t stand its lousy weather anymore!

One day I came back home (Rome) for a few days in December and there I realized how unhappy I was.

Though I was young and having fun, I felt there was something I was missing more than everything and that was the sun!

I needed it! So when I came back to London I have started planning to leave.

I know it was the right choice because I have never regretted it.

What is strange to me is this strange sense of homesick that I have been experiencing lately, while planning my appointments for WTM and also strolling down Oxford Street made me want to come back for more than a few days.

The occasion has been WTM so I did not really had the time to enjoy the city but the first night I took the pictures you can see in this post.

I am not a Xmas fan but I’ll have to admit that the view was magical, even in the narrow streets.

6 thoughts on “London – Oxford Street by night

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never been there but its beautiful. Chicago is the same way…the weather is so horrible. We are sun-starved and we all take Vit D so we don’t die. I think you can love two places at the same time. I love Chicago but we live like mole people most of the the time. It’s always dusk and dreary. Your photographs are truly wonderful…thank you for that.


    1. Thank you so much hitandrun. I have never been to Chicago but I have no reason to doubt of your words. All I know about Chicago I have learnt it by the movies but one day however I would like to come and visit it in person! Take care 🙂


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