Missing Barcelona…



Have you ever woke up with the desire to leave? Do you like to plan or just keep your backbag and go?

The cans in the picture states:”I want to take you where you have never been”.

In this period I am thinking a lot of Barcelona.

Sometimes it happens to suffer of homesick for a place that is not properly your “home” but feels like it!

Just because you have been so happy and at ease there!

But I also enjoy wondering how it would be living somewhere I still do not know!

And that’s it! Today goes like this, fancying the seduction of somewhere else.

Dacia Marini wrote a book about it, La Seduzione dell’altrove.

And Baudelaire wrote something very interesting on this subject :

Cette vie est un hôpital où chaque malade est possédé du désir de changer de lit. Celui-ci voudrait souffrir en face du poêle, et celui-là croit qu’il guérirait à côté de la fenêtre.

Il me semble que je serais toujours bien là où je ne suis pas.

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