Roscio is sleeping!

My friend Manuels moved to Switzerland some years ago.

She has always loved cats and always had some when she was living in Rome.

She brought her cat up there but also adopted 2 more.

Roscio is on of them!

In Roman dialect in means “red haired”.

He is my favorite of her 3 cats.

He is so cute and sweet, I find him adorable in every expression.

As you can see, he spends most of his time sleeping (like most of the cats).

In the strangest place and strangest positions!

This is a tribute to his beauty and peaceful attitude and a thankful post to Manuels who shared all of these funny moments with me.

In everyday life it can happen to be stressed, upset, sad, angry or any other negative emotion it comes to your mind. When I receive these shots, no matter how I feel, it always makes me smile 😍

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