Sant’Angelo, Ischia

I was too young to remember Sant’Angelo so I have re-discovered it again and it has been such a pleasure!

People call it “the small Capri”. I used to work there, though I love both of them, my heart will stick with this tiny version.

It is less glamour but less chaotic as well. Call it “charm”, uniqueness or perfume of the air!

We had no luck with the dinner. We choose a very famous restaurant that I won’t mention.

They had no manners and the whole staff seemed to be lost, the food was far below my expectations but the frame was idillic… I will stick with that on my mind!

We kept strolling around and enjoying the summer night breeze because when you are in Ischia you can focus only on the relax part!

2 thoughts on “Sant’Angelo, Ischia

  1. Great series, and while your meal may not have been up to high standards, from your photos you’ve captured Sant’Angelo, Ischia is perfect lighting and spirit ~ I’d love to visit this place. Cheers to a good weekend ahead.


    1. Thank youuuuu! I would only specify that I am not that snob, it is only that it was a mess!🤣by the way Ischia will keep its charm in any occasion and this episode won’t affect in any way my love for this island😊


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