Ischia – Calise (Bar)

This is definitely my favorite bar in the world.

I cannot describe the ’60 atmosphere you can breathe there.

It is maybe the music, the plants, the furniture or a mix of all these things together.

I have always loved it and I think I will always do.

Last time I met Laura there.

She has a WordPress blog as well… al tavolo di Amalia.

She is from Ischia and she wants to make discover this beautiful island to locals and foreigners as well.

I find it an excellent way to promote the tourism and culture of the island worldwide.

It has been a very quick but interesting meeting, that I had to shorten because my friend Giorjigna joined me.

We decided to stay there for lunch as well so we went upstairs, to the restaurant.

Roughly an half an hour later it started raining cats and dogs, nevertheless I will keep a good memory of that day.

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