Acaya Castle

The Castle has been built in 1506 by the Knight Alfonso of Acaya. His son was Gian Giacomo of Acaya, a famous militar architect under Charles V.

He rebuilt the entire complex, transforming it into a fortified hamlet.
The trapezoidal Renaissance fortress still brings the marks of the Arragon period and it is considered one of the best preserved examples of the Renaissance era.

The fort was meant as a model of a fortified and secured village. It is pretty close to the sea so it was conceived as a defensive fortress.

The original name of the field was Segine but after these massive works Gian Giacomo renamed it upon his family name, Acaya.

You can access the Castle through a bridge. The fortified walls are reinforced by two cylindrical towers. A stairways leads to the rooms of the upper floor, decorated with paintings of Spanish kings and coats of arms.

The one below has been carved in the tufo leccese (a peculiar stone very common in this area) and it is from the outside walls,

right on the entrance to the village, called porta di Sant’Oronzo.

The village, inside the walls, still has the ancient structure and a place dedicated to the architect Gian Giacomo who shaped the village as it is today.

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