Puglia, I am coming

I feel rootless but in Puglia I feel at home. It is a long way driving from Rome but it is always worth it! It reminds me my childhood and I have a lot of happy souvenirs here.

I also have one close friend but my oldest and faithful is always the same, the sea, my sea.

I love the whole Mediterranean sea, islands, different cultures, cities, colors but my sea can understand me like no one else in the world.

I love when the beach is empty and you cannot meet a human being for miles.

I love when the wind blows, slightly or wildly and brings you the scent of the sea or the one of the close pinewood.

I love to wake up early to admire the dawn and come back home to have breakfast.

I love the food, the local dishes.

I love feeding cats and dogs, the unfortunate stars of this wonderful but cruel land.

I love the dialect spoken here and I always enjoy to practice it even if we always end up laughing!

I love the cigales that sing out loud in this period.

I love to finally have some time for me and for reading.

I love to discover over and over my places, the one I take in my heart wherever I go.

I love to see how the landscapes have changed and all the details that have not.

When I go to Puglia I always think of José Saramago words:
You have to see what you’ve missed the first time, see again what you already saw, see in the springtime what you saw in the summer, in daylight what you saw at night, see the sun shining where you saw the rain falling, see the crops growing, the fruits ripen, the stone which has moved, the shadow that was not there before. You have to go back to the footsteps already taken, to go over again or add fresh ones alongside them.

Home sweet home❤️

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